Evan Peters Joining Tron 3 Makes Fans Wonder If Garrett Hedlund Will Return

Evan Peters Joining Tron 3 Makes Fans Wonder If Garrett Hedlund Will Return
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Fans are concerned about the future of the beloved franchise.

While franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the MCU keep Disney afloat, some smaller projects remain in the shadows because producers simply don't have the time or resources to turn them into lucrative properties. One such sadly overlooked franchise is Tron, a sci-fi universe that exists inside a video game.

The neon aesthetics made the first film in the series a cult classic back in 1982, but unfortunately, the 2010 sequel failed to meet Disney's financial targets, and the franchise was shelved for the foreseeable future. But now it looks like Tron is finally coming back.

Some time ago, Disney announced the development of Tron: Ares as a new blockbuster to be directed by Joachim Ronning, with Jared Leto in the lead. And yesterday, Dahmer and American Horror Story's Evan Peters joined the film in the second lead role, making the upcoming movie a hotly anticipated feature for many fans of the actors. But will any of the actors that were in the first two films return for the third instalment?

While Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde are definitely not coming back, fans are not really worried about not seeing their characters again. They are, however, wondering if Garrett Hedlund's Sam Flynn will return to reprise his role after more than a decade. In the second movie of the saga, Hedlund really managed to connect with the audience, and they will be quite disappointed if Disney decides against inviting him to appear in the third movie alongside Leto, Peters and, probably, even Cillian Murphy.

'I actually really liked Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn and I wanted to see that story play out between Sam and Cillian Murphy's character. At least that's how I saw Tron Legacy playing out in a third instalment. There was an "every man" quality to Hedlund's portrayal,' a fan said.

However, Hedlund's career has been less than stellar in the last decade, which might have made producers hesitant to invite him for a prominent role in a huge blockbuster like Tron: Ares. He did receive quite a bit of praise from fans and critics alike for his recent performance in Tulsa King, so who knows, he might get invited to reprise his Tron character after all.

Source: Reddit.