The Worst Thing Carlisle Ever Did, According to Twilight Fandom

The Worst Thing Carlisle Ever Did, According to Twilight Fandom
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The beloved character had some problems.

Even though the Twilight saga ended more than a decade ago, fans of the franchise still passionately discuss every little detail found in the story. And while the negative sides of Bella and Edward have been thoroughly explored, most people are still oblivious to what Carlisle, the patriarch of the Cullen family, did wrong.

But now, fans are finally starting to call out this beloved character for some of his misdeeds, and while not everyone agrees with the criticism, one thing certainly makes Carlisle seem a lot worse than previously thought.

Carlisle and Rosalie

Rosalie had one of the most depressing backstories in Twilight, being turned into a vampire by Carlisle after nearly dying from a violent sexual assault. But while Carlisle should be respected for saving her life and giving her another chance at happiness, it is clear that Rosalie suffered a lot from the aftermath of her attack.

Moreover, the fact that Carlisle rescued her to make her a suitable mate for Edward is also quite problematic, since she apparently had no say in the matter.

'I always looked at Carlisle sideways for changing Rosalie,' a fan shared. 'He knew that vampires amplify who they were as humans. That their state of mind, personalities, and emotional state is solidified when changed. And he changed Rosalie after a near-death sexual assault. I know he thought she'd be like Esme; even though her imminent death was brutal, she adjusted.'

A Noble Cause

Though some fans were quick to accuse Carlisle of selfishness, others were just as quick to defend him, arguing that he saved Rosalie out of compassion, not his own desires. And you can't hate someone for being compassionate!

'It's possible Carlisle believed he was saving her, or offering her a second chance. Compassion isn't always right, nor does everyone agree on what is or isn't actually compassionate,' another Redditor explained. 'I believe Carlisle does his best. Maybe he believed Edward would get a mate, which would end his loneliness, and Rose would finally experience a family that loved her and a mate that didn't abuse her. Obviously, this was flawed, but Carlisle isn't perfect either.'

Do you think Carlisle's actions were justified?