NSYNC Cameo Was Cut From Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

NSYNC Cameo Was Cut From Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones
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The boy band filmed a secret scene for the George Lucas movie.

The Star Wars fandom is known as one of the strongest in the world, with millions of fans fiercely guarding the integrity of the space saga and some even refusing to accept the later movies as part of the canon.

That is why when George Lucas' second trilogy came out, it was pretty much hated by the old-time fans — although it was still incredibly popular and nowhere as contentious as Disney's sequel trilogy, released in the 2010s.

However, it looks like Lucas has managed to save his 2002 Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones, from some major controversy, as the director excluded one scene that could have alienated a large portion of the space saga's fans.

As it turns out, the incredibly popular 1990s boy band NSYNC was supposed to be featured in the movie, making history as one of the first celebrities to make a cameo appearance in a Star Wars film. Even at the time, however, many people were painfully aware that this band was not an ideal choice to appear in Star Wars, as they had virtually no connection to the universe and were not really fans of the franchise. So why were they invited in the first place?

According to singer Chris Kirkpatrick, Lucas' daughter was a huge fan of NSYNC, and when they met backstage at their concert, the idea of working together was born. The boy band filmed the cameo for the movie and was expecting to see themselves on the big screen in the near future, only to find out that the fans were really against it.

In the end, Lucas apparently chose his fans over his daughter's wishes and left the scene with NSYNC on the cutting room floor, fearing that it would cause a huge backlash.

Of course, Star Wars fans are glad that this dubious idea never came to fruition, as they certainly wouldn't want to see some pop stars steal the spotlight from their beloved actors. Today, people treat the story as a rather amusing anecdote and joke about what the scene might have looked like.

'The special 50th-year anniversary box set with more NSYNC and a special deleted scene where CGI Yoda starts a cover band with Mace called Earth, Windu, and Fire!!' one fan joked on Reddit.

Source: Reddit.