Will Fantastic Beasts' David Yates Direct Harry Potter TV Reboot for Max?

Will Fantastic Beasts' David Yates Direct Harry Potter TV Reboot for Max?
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The director has weighed in on the matter.

It's been almost six months since news first broke about Max's Harry Potter reboot series. Fans have high expectations for the reboot, and comparisons with the decade-long film series are inevitable.

That shouldn't come as a surprise. Since its premiere in 2001, the Harry Potter films remain among the most successful and popular franchises of all time, grossing $7.7 billion at the box office. The three-part prequel film series Fantastic Beasts, directed by David Yates, has also made nearly $2 billion worldwide. Naturally, fans are curious whether the accomplished director will return for the Max reboot.

Most Successful Films in the Franchise

Before Harry Potter, Yates was primarily a TV director and writer. He helmed the production of the 1998 film The Tichborne Claimant, though, later joining the beloved wizarding franchise with the fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He went on to direct the remaining three installments of the main movie series and all three Fantastic Beasts films.

Interestingly, Yates's films have been the most financially successful in the franchise, grossing over $6 billion, suggesting David Yates knows his way around the wizarding world.

No Plans to Return to the Franchise Yet

Recently, Yates directed the movie Pain Hustles for Netflix. Starring Emily Blunt and Chris Evans, it follows Liza Drake, a high school dropout who lands a job in pharmaceuticals but gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy.

David Yates seems to enjoy working on projects that have nothing to do with magic and has no immediate plans to return to the Harry Potter world. However, when asked by the press if he would resume his directorial role in the Max series, Yates’s answer was rather ambiguous.

'It's been about, "Let's just park it and let's be done for a while."' the director said of his last experience on Fantastic Beasts: the Secrets of Dumbledore. 'And so, never say never, I would say. But I'm very excited about moving on. I loved making Pain Hustlers. I have other projects on my desk which are a million miles away from wizards and involve all sorts of things which are non-wizard associated.'

Ultimately, David Yates's involvement in the project is as much of a mystery as the Max show itself. We can only hope to see more details about the Harry Potter reboot sooner rather than later.

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