Will Bob Wheeler Return to the Night Court Revival?

Image credit: NBC

Fans are hoping TV icon Brent Spiner will reprise his iconic role in the new series.

Earlier this year, NBC revived the legendary comedy series Night Court, immersing fans once again into the peculiar and delightful world of the Manhattan Criminal Court night shift, replete with eccentric cases, unique criminals, and unconventional judges.

Although the initial episodes were somewhat lacklustre, and viewers were ambivalent about how the new series compares to the original, NBC took a chance and renewed the new show for a second season, giving it a chance to grow and evolve.

Seeing how the network has thrown its weight behind the new series, fans are beginning to wonder what surprises it might now have in store for them.

Given that the new series is a revival, fans wouldn't mind seeing some of the characters from the original show in cameos, and the consensus is that the one character they want to see the most is Brent Spiner's Bob Wheeler, one of the most unlucky recurring supporting cast members of the original series.

Bob and his wife were constantly being put on trial in the original show over various money-related misdemeanours, and fans loved the deadpan humour the scenes featuring Bob were famous for.

Seeing how Spiner is still active, many fans can't help but wonder if he could turn up for a cameo in the new series.

The answer is definitely maybe. There are a few caveats, however. Spiner is best known for his role as Lieutenant Commander Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation, a role he recently reprised in Star Trek: Picard. And now that a Next Generation revival is in the works, Spiner may just be too busy to appear on Night Court.

Furthermore, NBC would have to shell out a respectable sum to get Spiner on the show. The revived Night Shift is still finding its way, and many fans believe NBC will probably wait a couple of seasons to see if the new Night Shift takes off before it splurges on actors of Spiner's calibre.

Night Court Episode 9 will arrive on NBC on 7 March 2023.