Wigs Exposed: See How These Celebrities' Natural Hair Measures Up

Image credit: Legion-Media

When wigs come off, the real magic begins.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's fans suspected something was wrong when the star started appearing too often with different hair lengths. One day her thick dark hair was impressively long and curled, and the other it transformed into a perfectly smooth braid. It all became clear after a post on her social media, where you could see Kim with frizzy short hair that was clearly inferior to her "going out" hairstyle. There's nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, it's cool to experiment with your looks all the time! That's how we learned, for example, that she looks really good with long, white hair.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner isn't far behind her sister — she's also constantly trying on different wigs. The beauty industry is evolving, which allows you to use the most natural and almost indistinguishable from real hair wigs. Kylie wears what is known as a hair system — a type of wig, which is attached to a special tape. The hair growth line is masked and the system is attached so firmly that it allows you to walk not only with your hair loose, but also to make ponytails, braids and even sleep with it (and you can be sure that the wig won't fall off).

The screenshots from a Snapchat video of Jenner showing her real hair has spread all over the internet. Usually Kylie wears a straight, long braid, but her real hair is much shorter, and the locks near her face look more like slightly grown-out bangs.


A Disney Channel celebrity, the star of famous brand advertising campaigns, and the main character in the acclaimed TV series Euphoria — all of this is the young Zendaya. In the past, she could always be seen with her real curly hair, but now the star uses wigs more often than before.

Zendaya's natural hair is curly and a bit frizzy. We assume that this is how the girl walks around in the TV series Euphoria. On the red carpets though, you can see her with a sleek braid with or without bangs, long curls and a lot of other hairstyles. The only thing that distinguishes the young star from the avid fans of wigs is that she does not always appear in public wearing them. Zendaya can still be seen with her natural hair.

Nicki Minaj

Hair of all colors of the rainbow with the length to the hips — this is our Nicki Minaj. Since the beginning of her career, the star has surprised fans with her style: locks of candy colors with and without bangs, long and short. Recently, the singer shared a photo of her real hairstyle and it turned out that there were dark thin mid-length afro hair hiding under the wigs all this time.

Cardi B

Rap queen Cardi B has classic afro hair. Fluffy curls are quite difficult to tame — not only does it cost a lot of money, but it also takes a lot of effort to find the right care routine. To avoid wasting time on this, the star went the other way: she puts on a wig and frizzy afro changes into super smooth and shiny hair. It should be noted that both hairstyles suit her perfectly.

Lady Gaga

The most aggressive procedure a person can do to their hair is bleaching, so all these platinum locks are rarely healthy: the ends split and break, and the hair becomes dry and lifeless. But this does not happen with artificial hair! Apparently, this is the logic that Lady Gaga follows, who is associated with long white locks. It's hard to imagine what would happen to the singer's hair if she actually bleached it all the time, not letting the roots grow out. The photo she posted on her social media shows that Gaga's natural hair is dark and not exposed to aggressive chemical treatments.