Why is Bad Boys 4 Recasting Theresa Randle as Martin Lawrence's Wife?

Why is Bad Boys 4 Recasting Theresa Randle as Martin Lawrence's Wife?
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Fans are wondering why the actress was not asked back for the sequel.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's Bad Boys film series has been a major source of income for both stars since the 1990s. The third movie of the franchise, Bad Boys for Life, earned a whopping $426 after it was released in 2020, reinforcing fans' hope for a continuation of the series.

But now as the fourth movie is already in production, it looks like it may become a major disappointment for fans, since Theresa Randle won't be returning as the wife of Martin Lawrence's character.

It was recently announced that actress Tasha Smith will replace Randle as Theresa Burnett in the upcoming fourth film, which led fans to wonder why the producers decided to let go of Randle, who has been with the franchise since its inception. While there has been no official comment from the Bad Boys producers or Randle herself, it looks like we have a pretty realistic explanation.

While Randle was a very busy actress two decades ago, appearing in movies like Space Jam, Malcolm X, and Jungle Fever, the star has practically ended her acting career, only appearing in Bad Boys for Life in the last decade. It looks like Randle just got tired of acting on screen, making an exception only for Smith and Lawrence but preferring not to return for a fourth film.

However, a recent video of the actress sitting on a chair with gloves on caused fans to worry about her health, so some people claim that she might be unavailable to star in the new film due to a serious illness.

In any case, Theresa Randle does not really need Hollywood paychecks, as her husband Father MC has a respectable net worth of $5 million, which is definitely enough for her and her two kids.

Fans are hoping that the star will dismiss rumors of her illness and would like her or her reps to explain why she was not asked to return for the next Bad Boys movie, which is currently filming in Atlanta.