Why Britney Spears' Family Was Absent from Her Wedding to Sam Asghari

Why Britney Spears' Family Was Absent from Her Wedding to Sam Asghari
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Fans are worried that Spears' family is bullying her.

Britney Spears was one of the most popular singers of the 2000s, but her career went through a rough patch in the last decade, as her troubles with her family and substance abuse caused the star to live a rather secluded life.

Fortunately, Spears has recently returned to her former glory, taking control of her own life and career, and her recent marriage to model Sam Asghari is the most prominent proof of this.

The two got married in 2022, but to everyone's surprise, the event was not a huge celebration but a rather small ceremony with only 60 invited guests. Among the attendees were huge stars like Madonna, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, and Drew Barrymore, but fans were shocked to learn that none of Britney's relatives were there to support the singer, and here's why.

While some people were quick to accuse Britney's family of ghosting and bullying her, it looks like the truth behind their absence may be much more complicated than that.

After receiving such a backlash from fans, Britney's brother Bryan said that he was forced to skip the wedding because of his daughter's graduation and made it clear that he was willing to come. However, Britney quickly announced on social media that Bryan wasn't invited to the wedding because he had hurt her pretty badly in the past.

It looks like Britney's parents and sister did not attend the event for the same reason — the singer herself decided not to invite them because she still feels offended by how they treated her in the past. Fans were quick to support the star, arguing that she deserved to spend the best day of her life with the people she wanted to see, not those she apparently had to invite.

A year into their marriage, Britney and Sam seem to be doing better than ever, as various sources close to them say that the two are still madly in love, enjoying their time together and helping each other deal with the past traumas.

Fans are happy that Britney Spears has finally found a family that loves and supports her!