Which Teen Wolf Scene Do Fans Wish Never Happened?

Which Teen Wolf Scene Do Fans Wish Never Happened?
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Fans can't help but hate one particular sex scene from the hit series.

MTV's Teen Wolf may have been the defining teen show of the 2010s, but that doesn't mean the show about werewolf Scott McCall didn't have its share of problems. Ever since the first season debuted in 2011, fans have been calling out the show's writers, arguing that some of the storylines were half-baked and the number of unnecessary and just plain creepy scenes were completely out of proportion.

And there was one particular scene that made every fan shudder in disgust and declare it the worst in Teen Wolf history.

That infamous scene is found in the 20th episode of Season 3 and involves Stiles and Malia, one of the most popular characters on the show. While the romance between the two has been highly acclaimed by fans, the scene in which they make love in this episode has really angered people, as for some reason the writers decided to set the sex scene in the basement of a mental hospital, Eichen House.

Viewers were shocked seeing the two making out in such a questionable location and described the whole scene as weird and controversial. The writers could have placed Stiles and Malia's sex scene anywhere else, and the fact they made them do it in a mental institution really offended many of the show's fans.

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'Taken out of context the scene is fine, but you can't just… take the scene out of context and ignore the implications to the characters and show overall. So, in-context, that scene was very upsetting,' one fan commented.

In fact, as many viewers noted, the writers of Teen Wolf proved on numerous occasions that they were simply incapable of writing a good love scene, and that weird episode between Stiles and Malia was just another example of this. Fans simply feel sorry for the actors who were forced to shoot this abomination of a scene and argue that this episode should not have become a reality.

On the bright side, it seems that Teen Wolf's creative team did learn their lesson from the backlash, as they were more careful writing sex scenes for the series' later episodes so as not to disappoint the fans.

Source: Reddit.