Whatever Happened to Gus Lewis, Young Bruce In Batman Begins?

Whatever Happened to Gus Lewis, Young Bruce In Batman Begins?
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The prodigy is all grown up now.


  • The young actor started his career back in 2005, but failed to capitalize on his success.
  • After working in supporting roles in various film projects, Gus is finally ready to make his own movie.

Becoming a child actor is not always a perfect route to success, as not everyone is able to turn themselves into serious actors like Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio. Still, being a young actor in one of the biggest movies of the 21st century, sharing the screen with Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy, and being directed by Christopher Nolan sounds like the perfect start to a Hollywood career.

Well, Gus Lewis, who played the young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, is here to prove that even such a big role doesn't always lead to red carpets and fame, as the former actor is now exploring new opportunities after trying to kick-start his acting career for quite some time.

A career behind the screen

Up until 2012, Gus actively tried to capitalize on his role as young Bruce, appearing in small roles in films such as Asylum and The End, but eventually decided to give up his ambitions of becoming a big star.

However, Gus has never shied away from pursuing a career in filmmaking, and began writing for GQ in 2016, publishing a series of reviews on shows like Luke Cage and Humans, and even conducting an interview with Mads Mikkelsen.

But that wasn't enough for him, as Gus went on to join production company New Pictures, where he worked as a script editor on shows like Catherine the Great and Des. And it looks like he is ready to become a creator himself.

The former child actor recently launched a Kickstarter page for his upcoming film My Best Friend's Recipe, which he is writing, directing and producing. The drama has already raised £3,662, a huge amount of support for such a small project.

What's more, Gus has managed to excite even those who haven't pledged to his project by posting a selfie on the Kickstarter page to amaze fans with how incredible he looks now.

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It's almost impossible to recognize the young Bruce Wayne actor with his long curly hair and beard, but one thing is for sure, he looks stunning and ready to conquer Hollywood, if not as an actor, then as a director.

Source: Kickstarter.