Whatever Happened to Blake Jenner After Melissa Benoist Divorce?

Whatever Happened to Blake Jenner After Melissa Benoist Divorce?
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The disgraced actor struggles to keep his career afloat.

Just a decade ago, fans of Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist were sure that her life with husband and co-star Blake Jenner was simply perfect, as both actors were beautiful and looked great together on red carpets.

However, the truth behind their relationship was actually much darker than people expected, as the two divorced in 2017 and refused to even mutter each other's names for a long time.

In 2019, Benoist finally decided to share some personal details with fans, describing herself as a survivor of domestic violence. The actress revealed that her former partner tortured her physically and emotionally, controlling who she could talk to and even how she dressed. And though Benoist didn't name the person, fans were sure she was talking about Jenner.

Jenner's response to the allegations

While the public expected Blake Jenner to deny his ex-wife's claims, he actually went radio silent for a while, only to resurface in late 2020 and write a lengthy message apologizing to Benoist for the emotional and physical abuse and announcing that he had sought professional help to control his emotions.

Although it was a nice gesture, fans didn't forgive Jenner at all and hoped they would never see the actor in a high-profile production again. However, Jenner is still working as an actor.

Jenner's current career

Though he was effectively banned from Hollywood after the news of his abuse went public, Jenner has managed to appear in a few projects since 2019. But don't worry, none of them are giving the actor any traction at all.

His first movie since the scandal broke was Paradise City, a 2022 action film starring Bruce Willis and John Travolta. Jenner played Willis' son in the movie, but both critics and viewers hated the project, effectively killing it the moment it came out.

And most recently, Jenner starred in a romance film, The Proposal Spot, which disappeared from people's minds the moment it premiered on television, as no one cared about either the story or Jenner's performance.

So it looks like Blake Jenner's career is in total ruins, while Benoist is doing better than ever.