What's Wrong With Kristin Davis' Acting in And Just Like That Season 2?

What's Wrong With Kristin Davis' Acting in And Just Like That Season 2?
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It seems that the beloved actress is struggling to play Charlotte once more.

HBO's Sex and the City remains one of the most important comedy series of all time, as the show about four friends seeking love and happiness in the big city broke numerous taboos during its initial run.

Although the two movie sequels turned out to be massive disappointments for fans of the original show, Max's sequel series, And Just Like That..., became a hit in 2021, despite Kim Cattrall's refusal to return as Samantha Jones.

However, it appears that the show is causing worry for fans for an entirely different reason, as Kristin Davis' performance has left many people feeling somewhat weird.

In the original show, Charlotte was one of the most beloved characters, with this innocent woman searching for a knight in shining armour serving as the true heart of the series. However, in And Just Like That..., Charlotte comes across as a caricature of herself, with fans noting that Kristin Davis had simply forgotten how to play her character without making her appear like a complete joke.

'There's something very unnatural about her performance in AJLT. She always has such exaggerated mannerisms and infliction and is constantly speaking in this silly and comical high pitched tone. She had moments of outbursts [in the original show] but for the most part she was subtle, grounded and normal,' a fan said.

It appears that Davis is struggling to make her character seem relevant, and fans believe that her lack of intriguing acting roles following the end of Sex and the City is to blame. They argue that Davis lacks the acting skills of Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon.

Moreover, some fans believe that the Sex and the City movies are responsible for making Charlotte feel like a joke by using her as comic relief, even though she was a compelling and serious character in the original series.

'Admittedly, I feel like they were beginning to make her into a caricature in the films but it's dialled up to 100 here. She no longer feels like a real person. She's just clownish,' another fan argued.

Source: Reddit.