What is the Worst Episode in the Entire NCIS Series, According to Reddit

Image credit: Legion-Media

CBS' most popular crime drama has its share of great episodes, but some bad ones have managed to sneak into the series as well.

With over 400 episodes and 20 seasons, NCIS is definitely one of the longest-running crime series, and the show's continued success can only mean one thing: viewers love the characters and love the stories, otherwise no one would have watched it for so long.

But while the writers of NCIS always come up with fresh new ideas, that doesn't mean they never make mistakes. Because there is so much going on in the show, it's hard to consistently create great scripts. So several episodes of NCIS have become quite famous due to poor writing, questionable storytelling, and bad acting.

One of everyone's least favorite episodes of NCIS is "Obsession" (season 7, episode 21), in which the team investigates the sudden and suspicious death of a famous Navy Lieutenant. But the problem with this episode is not its main storyline, but a subplot centered around Anthony DiNozzo's obsession with a TV reporter. Michael Weatherly's character becomes so fascinated with a man he never knew that he begins to imitate his mannerisms and behaves rather strangely.

The idea itself is pretty solid – exploring how someone famous can affect an ordinary person's life – but DiNozzo's personality never matched that idea. He is a professional working at the highest level, so even the idea that he could be influenced by someone in such a manner was rather absurd to the audience. Many feel that Leroy Gibbs should have evaluated whether DiNozzo was even fit to work on his team after that, because NCIS has always required agents to be the best versions of themselves.

Another objectively weak episode is "Thirst" (season 9, episode 6), in which Donald Mallard had to deal with his psychotic girlfriend. Yes, it sounds like a bad joke, but this episode does exist. Fans were very disappointed with the writers for creating such a bizarre storyline for one of the show's most beloved characters.