What Happened to Johanna After The Hunger Games: Mockingjay?

What Happened to Johanna After The Hunger Games: Mockingjay?
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The fate of the beloved heroine remains unknown, but we have some ideas.

Of all the characters in Hunger Games, Johanna Mason is the one heroine whose fate is the most heartbreaking and mysterious. While other characters like Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were able to find some happiness after their trials and start families of their own, Johanna had nothing to live for at the end of the story, as she had no family and all her friends from District 7 were dead.

While it was never revealed what happened to the character after the events of the original books, fans have come up with three most likely options for Johanna's whereabouts. Here they are — pick the one you find the most plausible.

She chose to live with Annie

Johanna and Finnick Odair were famously one of the closest friends in the original books, so it makes sense that, after Finnick's death, Johanna decided to move to District 4 to live with and care for Finnick's widow, Annie Cresta, and her son. Even though the two women don't have much in common, fans think that Johanna would do everything in her power to protect her best friend's loved ones.

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She decided to travel the world

Though it's rarely mentioned in the books or movies, the Hunger Games universe doesn't consist of Panem alone, as there are actually a lot of uncharted territories in the world where Johanna and Katniss live. According to fans, Johanna is not the type to sit around and do nothing, so she may have decided to travel and explore the world after the events of the Mockingjay saga.

She often visits District 12

Even though Johanna is a pretty lonely person who doesn't need a lot of people around her, she still has some good friends, and Katniss and Peeta are really important to her. While we can't know Johanna's whereabouts after the end of the story, one thing is for sure — she will be visiting her friends in District 12 from time to time, sharing some great stories about her travels with Katniss and her kids.