Virgin River's Most Entertaining Inconsistency Makes the Show Better

Virgin River's Most Entertaining Inconsistency Makes the Show Better
Image credit: Netflix

The funniest thing about the show is actually the most illogical.


  • Virgin River has a ton of flaws that we've learned to ignore over the years.
  • It doesn't necessarily occur to the audience that the town has too many festivals.
  • It's probably a plot inconsistency, but there's a pretty logical explanation for it.

Since its premiere in 2020, Virgin River has become one of Netflix's most popular shows, captivating audiences with its picturesque settings, exciting romance, and thrilling drama. But VR is also notorious for the many inconsistencies that have plagued it throughout its five-season run.

From the completely incomprehensible timeline and pacing to the bizarre character developments, Virgin River is riddled with inconsistencies. Take, for example, the Labor Day fireworks in Season 5! The townspeople had just fought off a devastating wildfire that destroyed half the town, and they celebrated with nothing but literal fire!

To be fair, some of Virgin River's inconsistencies are quite entertaining. This one certainly made the show more interesting.

Plenty of Events for an Impoverished Town

Going back to the timeline and pacing inconsistencies, it's worth remembering that despite the fact that the Virgin River has spanned five seasons, only about a year has passed in the fictional world. At the same time, the town has seen its fair share of celebrations in that seemingly short time. The Lumberjack Games, the Renaissance Faire, the Labor Day Celebration – the list goes on and on.

Sure, the festivals are a blast to watch, and they make the Netflix show more entertaining and beautiful, but all of the events, despite their frequency, were absolutely top-notch. All those tents, costumes, equipment, and signage look pretty expensive for a small town like Virgin River to afford. After all, the townspeople aren't exactly portrayed as wealthy, with many living in cabins and spending their free time drinking at Jack's Bar.

Do you think Virgin River needs these festivals?

A Possible Explanation

Perhaps Virgin River's longtime mayor, Hope McCrea, should be credited for the splendor of these festivals. Her business acumen and wise leadership may have saved the town enough money to organize the events. She may have invited traveling productions to participate in the festivals, which must have attracted residents from neighboring towns. This brought an influx of money to Virgin River. In addition, local people must have volunteered to do some of the work, such as maintaining the costumes.

However, it's still questionable how wise a leader Hope is if she chose to spend money on the many festivals instead of improving the town's infrastructure so that people had places to work instead of relying on illegal pot growing. But that's another story...