Twilight Tangle: Who Kristen Stewart'd Choose Over Edward in Real Life

Twilight Tangle: Who Kristen Stewart'd Choose Over Edward in Real Life
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Fans are stunned to learn who Kristen would have chosen to date among the Twilight characters.

The Twilight Saga is the definition of romantic cinema, as millions of fans lost their minds trying to agree on who Bella must choose — Edward or Jacob. While the arguments about this are still going on today and new compelling theories are being presented on a weekly basis, some fans started to wonder what the actors themselves think about this love triangle.

Although it is known that Kristen Stewart dated Robert Pattinson during the filming, it looks like the actress herself has a pretty original choice of character to date in real life.

While Edward and Jacob are both true heartthrobs, with lots of people supporting each of them, it looks like Kristen wouldn't consider any of them as viable love interests in real life, as the star revealed who she would have dated instead, and the answer shocked fans.

Apparently, Kristen would have easily chosen Eric Yorkie instead of both Edward and Jacob.

'Probably Eric. But that probably wouldn't end up well. I don't know why. I love Eric. He's smart, you know? I like nerds. I would only go out with dorks,' Stewart said.

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Eric was one of the minor characters in the saga, a dorky student who ran the school gossip paper. Like all the other boys at Bella's school, he had a little crush on her but practically disappeared from view when she started dating Edward.

However, if Kristen had her way, Bella would have dated him instead of a vampire or a werewolf, and while the actress admits it probably wouldn't have ended well, fans are still curious to see how this unlikely pairing would have turned out.

Of course, the original Twilight story could not be changed in any way, but at least people now have a really interesting idea for a fanfiction that would detail the future of the Bella/Eric pairing.

Knowing this, fans are now eager to hear Pattinson's take on this unusual revelation, wondering if the actor would still prefer to date Bella in real life or if he'd choose someone more unorthodox, like Jessica or even Angela, for example.

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