There's a Post-Credits Scene in the Barbie Movie You Likely Missed

There's a Post-Credits Scene in the Barbie Movie You Likely Missed
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The hit movie can still surprise.

The story of how Greta Gerwig's Barbie managed to exceed all expectations and gross more than $1 billion at the box office will surely go down as one of the most legendary in Hollywood history, but it looks like the hit movie has no intention of stopping anytime soon and is returning to theaters in a new format. Just like it's biggest rival, Oppenheimer, Barbie is now available in IMAX theaters, and Gerwig has really tried to invite people who have already seen the film in theaters to see it again.

The thing is, while the film itself is exactly the same in IMAX, apart from some obvious visual and audio differences, the director has managed to sneak in some brand-new Easter eggs, and one of them will surely force you to rush to the nearest IMAX theater near you.

One big surprise

When Barbie opened in IMAX, fans were delighted to see that the movie actually had a never-before-seen post-credits scene. After the credits rolled, they were once again treated to Ryan Gosling's Ken, but this time he was actually singing a very popular pop song.

Yes, in the post-credits scene, Gosling can be seen singing a rendition of Cyndi Lauper's iconic song, this time titled 'Boys Just Wanna Have Fun'. It looks like Gerwig decided to push the idea of Ken learning to walk away as a single man even further, changing the lyrics to better fit the agenda of a movie.

And it looks like seeing Gosling sing is the only real way Barbie could have forced audiences to return, as the actor's fanbase is widely known for adoring the actor's voice and singing charisma, and a chance to hear his take on the iconic hit will surely help thousands make up their minds about spending another ticket fee to re-watch the movie.

Imagine how hilarious it would be if most fans actually left the theater after the credits rolled, since the biggest draw of the IMAX format is hidden in the post-credits scene.