The Weirdest Celebrity Phobias That Will Make You Feel Normal

Image credit: Legion-Media

They are just like the rest of us.

Megan Fox - Fear of Paper

Megan is scared of getting paper cuts. We don’t know how this phobia of hers came about, what we do know for a fact is that the actress won’t pick up letters, magazines, bills or even scripts. Some directors know about Megan’s phobia and have paper sheets laminated before giving them to her.

When people forget and send her non-laminated pages, Megan will have her family read them to her, or pay to have them laminated herself.

Nicole Kidman - fear of butterflies

Born and raised in Australia, Nicole would have been exposed to a broad range of butterfly species. She steered clear of places where she might encounter them as they always gave her the creeps. Nicole says that at first sight butterflies often look beautiful, but on closer inspection you can see they’re just as disgusting as any other insects.

Curiously, at one point, Nicole tried to get rid of her phobia by going into a room with lots of butterflies. It didn’t work, though, and she’s still scared of butterflies.

Tyra Banks - fear of dolphins

For a long time, Tyra was terrified of dolphins. One possible explanation for her phobia might be that she might have been unable to tell them from sharks. Unlike Nicole Kidman, though, she managed to successfully conquer her fear by spending a whole day in a dolphinarium and even going swimming with the animals.

Rihanna - fear of fish

Rihanna suffers from ichthyophobia (fear of fish). The singer admitted that as a child she always swam in the pool and hardly ever in the ocean, as she was always terrified of the small tropical fish that will always follow you around when you’re swimming in the ocean.

Orlando Bloom - fear of pigs

Orlando doesn’t like talking about his fears and weaknesses but during the filming of Kingdom of Heaven he had to admit he had porcophobia, or fear of pigs.

One scene was filmed next to a pig sty and a pig suddenly ran out and headed for Orlando, who totally lost it and eventually had to be sedated before filming could be resumed.

Orlando later admitted he doesn’t even eat pork and tries to avoid places where pork is sold. Nobody knows what caused his porcophobia.

Johnny Depp - fear of clowns

Johnny has been scared of clowns ever since he was a kid. Apparently, there was one particular clown at a circus that Johnny went to as a kid and so ever since then he has been scared of not just clowns but of anyone with too much makeup on their face.

Despite his phobia, Johnny has appeared in a lot of roles that he had to wear heaps of makeup for. Just think about his role in the Lone Ranger.

At one point, Johnny even bought a portrait of a serial killer who wore a clown costume and had it hung up in his home to look at every day as a way to try and get his phobia under control..

Natalie Portman - Fear of Cartoons

Natalie has never voiced animated characters because she’s scared of cartoons, especially the smurfs. She’s never talked about the causes of her phobia.

Kristen Stewart - fear of horses

Kristen’s always been pretty open about her hippophobia, which she has had since childhood. Her parents wanted her to learn horseback riding and enrolled her in horseback riding school. One day, the horse Kristen was riding threw her off and galloped away.

Kristen sustained a serious arm fracture and swore off riding horses for good.

But recently she had to ride a horse for her role in Snow White and the Huntsman. It was a major challenge for her, she had to visit a therapist and take sedatives. To her credit, she managed to pull it off admirably: you can never tell she’s scared of horses if you watch the film.