The Voice Season 23 Knockout Rounds' List of Winners and Losers Revealed

The Voice Season 23 Knockout Rounds' List of Winners and Losers Revealed
Image credit: NBC

The stakes are even higher as several contestants were sent home after the last knockout round.

Season 23 of The Voice is already one of the most memorable in recent history, as the addition of Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper to the judging panel really gave the show a fresh feel, and the contestants themselves are really doing everything in their power to make this season stand out from the rest.

After the recent knockout battles, many singers were sent home and a few frontrunners were discovered by both the audience and the judges. Here's a list of the winners and losers of the new knockout rounds:


  • Marcos Covos
  • Kate Cosentino
  • NariYella
  • Walker Wilson


  • Noivas
  • Tasha Jessen (Steal)
  • ALI
  • Gina Miles
  • Ray Uriel
  • Kylee Dane
  • Cait Martin
  • Kala Banham (Steal)

Yep, it looks like the list of eliminated singers is much shorter than the list of winners, as both Tasha and Kala managed to convince the other judges of their talents, forcing the celebrities to steal them from their competitors.

While fans were pretty sure that Marcos, Kate, and Walker wouldn't survive the next round of eliminations, people were pretty shocked to see NariYella go as well, as she was a strong performer in the previous round and also the only four-chair turn.

However, this knockout battle proved that two singers are currently fighting for the chance to be called the frontrunner — Ray Uriel and Noivas. While Uriel is certainly a big underdog, considering that Chance was the only judge to turn his chair around after his audition, his performance in the knockout battles was exceptional to say the least. It led fans to believe that he could be the one to win the entire season.

Obviously, Novias is the more popular frontrunner as his stage presence and singing skills are on a whole other level.

After winning the knockout battles, the contestants will move on to the playoffs where D. Smooth, Manasseh Samone, Ryley Tate Wilson, and Marykate Connor will be waiting for them.