The Rookie Promo Has Fans Worried About Tim Bradford's Fate

Image credit: ABC

Is it possible that fan-favorite Tim Bradford dies?

ABC's popular police procedural The Rookie is airing Season 5, and it seems that the only thing fans are frustrated about is the midseason hiatus. According to the recently released promo, the show has taken a break before airing an extremely interesting episode. And fans can't wait for the show to return on March 21.

Besides the excitement, the promo has caused a wave of panic among dedicated fans. The reason is that it teased the death of Tim Bradford.

According to the short clip, the upcoming episode will feature the making of a documentary about a case in which everyone's favorite couple, Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen, go undercover. Apparently, something bad happens, Bradford goes missing and is later found dead in a garbage can by Aaron Thorsen.

"I just found a body. It's Sergeant Tim Bradford," Thorsen is seen saying into his radio.

These words sent The Rookie fandom into a frenzy. Fans flooded the comments section with panicked emojis and gifs.

"Omg, don't do that to us," one of the commenters wrote. "I almost had a heart attack when Lucy said Tim disappeared and Aaron said he found a body and thinks it is Tim."

Fans just don't want to believe that Eric Winter, who plays Tim, could leave the show on such a tragic note.

"Tim better not be dead cuz the show won't be the same without him," one of the fans wrote, echoing the general sentiment.

However, there were many viewers who didn't buy the whole tragic "Tim is dead" teaser.

"Guys obviously Tim isn't dead why would they reveal that big of a big spoiler in a promo?" one of the fans wrote.

After the initial shock, fans took a closer look at the promo and noticed that Tim is seen sitting with Lucy talking for the documentary.

And judging by the previous episodes, which were shot in a mockumentary style, the interviews usually happen after the case is closed. This means that the body found in the garbage could belong to someone else. Most fans think it is Jake "Dim" Butler.

The fact that the announcement of Bradford's death could be just a bait has not stopped the fans from falling for it. The anticipation is higher than ever, and the fans have only one wish: that March 21st comes as soon as possible.