The List of The Flash Cameos That Didn't Make It Into the Movie and Ended Up Cut

The List of The Flash Cameos That Didn't Make It Into the Movie and Ended Up Cut
Image credit: Legion-Media

Andy Muschietti tried to include a lot of people in his movie.

The Flash is finally in theaters around the world, delighting viewers who have waited half a decade to see Ezra Miller return to the DCEU as Barry Allen. While the new film's box office performance is underwhelming to say the least, the movie itself is excellently written and has managed to surprise fans with its quality, making the tired multiverse concept feel fresh again.

When Barry travels back in time to save his family, he inadvertently upsets the entire fabric of the multiverse, sending millions of worlds into a frenzy. While The Flash was able to stop the world from falling apart, he still managed to peek into several alternate realities, realizing that there are millions of different Supermen, Batmen, and even Flashes living throughout the multiverse.

Director Andy Muschietti obviously tried to have as many cameos in his movie as possible, including archival footage of Christopher Reeve and George Reeves as Supermen and Adam West as Batman. However, it turns out that DC's producers prevented him from featuring even more famous actors in The Flash.

Here are the other cameos that Muschietti wanted to but couldn't include in his film:

  • Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
  • Marlon Brando as Jor-El
  • Burgess Meredith as Penguin
  • Cesar Romero as Joker

It looks like Andy Muschietti has shot a lot of scenes with archival footage for his movie, but Warner Bros. refused to bloat The Flash's running time even more. However, fans shouldn't worry that they'll never see the scenes with Brando and Carter again, as the director intends to return to The Flash in the near future, but not in the way you think.

According to Muschietti, he is going to present his four-hour cut of the movie to the public in the coming months. The director hopes that James Gunn and the rest of the DCU producers will approve of such an idea, and fans will surely be excited to watch the director's cut of The Flash.

However, given that Muschietti's project is currently flopping at the box office, it's really unlikely that Warner Bros. will greenlight the release of the director's cut.