The Flash' Blasted for Lousy CGI: Even Those Cameos Couldn't Save It

The Flash' Blasted for Lousy CGI: Even Those Cameos Couldn't Save It
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Even trademark MCU surprises failed to distract viewers from the atrocious CGI.

Virtually every instalment in the DC Extended Universe has come in for sharp criticism for the poor quality of its CGI. These movies engage with audiences emotionally and feature solid acting and compelling plots. In other words, they have all the ingredients of good old-fashioned superhero action flicks.

Unfortunately, DC adaptations are also reminiscent of classic superhero movies in how hopelessly bad their visual effects are.

The same fate seems to have befallen The Flash, starring Erza Miller as the titular character. The movie was only officially released on 16 June, but many people have already seen it and noted its good story, solid acting, great comic relief and plenty of fan service. However, everyone who's seen it can't get over the piss-poor CGI, despite all the fan service.

'The CGI is Polar Express levels of horrifying, it fits the movie in a strange way but it’s not good,' a fan noted, comparing the film’s visuals to the horrible animation in The Polar Express.

Although Ezra Miller has become one of the most controversial media personalities in recent years, many still noted their solid acting skills, which made their take on Barry Allen a fascinating and amusing character. In addition, people loved the comic relief, even though some were bothered by the cameos of superheroes from other older DC adaptations that used visual effects to recreate the likeness of the actors that played them.

'Much unnecessary banter, and bringing Zod, Kara and Keaton’s Batman felt like unnecessary plot points to Barry's story. I get the multiverse and alternate realities, but the execution for those wasn’t there,' another fan pointed out, complaining that the cameo storylines felt unnecessary.

The biggest problem with these cameos was not so much that they contributed little to the plot but the cringy special effects used to bring back the familiar faces from the days of yore: some people complained they felt uncomfortable watching the scenes.

'Digital recreation of Christopher Reeve didn't sit very well with me, and that scene really ventured into the uncanny valley,' a Reddit user said.

Officially, archival footage was used to recreate the likeness of Christopher Reeve in the movie, but in reality, CGI was employed to slap his face onto the body of another actor. The result looked super creepy. And to add insult to injury, the ethics of using the dead actor's visage are somewhat questionable.

Overall, The Flash is a great superhero movie, sadly compromised by questionable special effects. Even cameos by George Clooney and Michael Keaton as Batmans and Nicolas Cage as Superman from alternative universes fail to compensate for the film's subpar visuals.

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