The Buccaneers Tries to Be Bridgerton, Fails; Here's Everything That's Wrong With It

The Buccaneers Tries to Be Bridgerton, Fails; Here's Everything That's Wrong With It
Image credit: Apple TV+

The latest Bridgerton imitation is already facing a backlash.

Considering how popular Netflix's Bridgerton has become in just two seasons, it's only natural that other streaming services are trying to capitalize on its success by spending big bucks to create lighthearted romantic period pieces.

And Apple TV + decided not to miss out on the trend, premiering the first trailer for The Buccaneers, a comedy show based on the iconic novel by Edith Wharton.

The show will follow a group of young American women in the late 19th century who travel to England to try to marry some posh British aristocrats and live the life of luxury in Foggy Albion. Sounds interesting, right? However, we are less than enthusiastic about the project's first trailer, as there are some glaring problems with The Buccaneers.

A cheap knock-off

First of all, it looks like Apple TV is simply stealing Bridgerton's formula for his latest show, as The Buccaneers looks and feels like the Netflix show, despite having a significantly inferior cast and overall appeal. People will watch it, of course, but only because Bridgerton's third season is still nowhere to be seen.

Casting and writing problems

Don't get us wrong, Christina Hendricks is amazing and we're happy to see her rock those Gilded Age outfits, but aside from her, none of the cast members look interesting, especially since the official trailer was rather cryptic in terms of introducing the characters.

And can someone please explain that awful monologue at the beginning of the trailer? Why does the actress' voice sound like a modern Instagram influencer? Were women in 19th century America this different, or is it just terrible casting, writing, and direction? We'll see, of course, but what a way to ruin the show for viewers right before the premiere!

Desecration of the original

Wharton's novel of the same name is widely considered to be one of the greatest American books of all time, so it was really disappointing to see Apple TV decide to turn it into a cheap girlboss comedy instead of faithfully adapting the novel's dramatic storylines and intricate character development.

Let's hope that the trailer was just a huge mistake on Apple TV's part, and that these problems won't be so glaring in the final version of the show, which is scheduled to be released on November 8, 2023.