The 6 Weirdest Dating Shows That Actually Aired on TV

The 6 Weirdest Dating Shows That Actually Aired on TV
Image credit: Netflix

Take a dive into dating craziness.

Imagine your average dating show — a bunch of good-looking people forced to live together in a luxurious mansion, trying to find someone they like, going on dates, and taking part in challenges. Sounds pretty boring, don't you think?

Well, we've got you covered, because here are six dating shows that are not only weird, but also impossible to put down.

6. Momma's Boys

Imagine if your major challenge in a relationship was to impress your partner's mother — that is exactly the situation the female contestants of this reality show found themselves in.Instead of getting to know their potential future husbands, the girls were forced to live under the same roof with their moms, while the men lived next door.

With such a ridiculous premise, it is no wonder that Momma's Boys only lasted one season. But what a season it was!

5. Dating In The Dark

While the idea of secluding good-looking people in a luxurious mansion is present in this reality show, there is one important aspect that separates this series from its competitors. Here, the entire dating process takes place in total darkness, with contestants bumping into each other every three seconds, which makes watching Dating In The Dark quite a hilarious endeavor.

4. Conveyor Belt of Love

This bizarre show took the process of dating to the extreme — the female contestants sat in front of a real conveyor belt, but instead of unfinished products, potential suitors were strapped to it. Men were presented to them one after another, and if one was chosen, he would step aside while the girl continued looking at the rest of the men going by.

Women could swap their date if a more good-looking suitor came along, sending their previous choice back to the conveyor belt. Yikes.

3. Fool Around With…

While most dating shows promote the values of family life and the virtue of true love, this British show promoted infidelity instead. In each episode, a star was sent into the house with two romantic couples and a single person and tasked with guessing who the single person was.

But the show had a rather controversial trick up its sleeve — the married couples could try to outwit the star by… sleeping with them.

2. Dating Naked

The idea of a dating show set on a desert island is not really new, but this series decided to make the premise even more steamy by forcing all the contestants to film the entire show naked. Of course, all their private parts were blurred out but it's still hard to forget the contestants' worried faces as they saw each other completely naked for the first time.

1. Sexy Beasts

Though the show only ran for one season, its premise is certainly iconic — the contestants were tasked with finding true love with each other while wearing a huge amount of prosthetics that made them look like monsters rather than people. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!