Taylor Swift & Matty Healy Romance Rumor Has All the Fans Saying One Thing

Taylor Swift & Matty Healy Romance Rumor Has All the Fans Saying One Thing
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It seems that fans are not so happy with Taylor's new relationship.

The news of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn splitting after seven years together came as a huge shock to the singer's fans, but Taylor managed to surprise them even more when rumors of her romance with Matty Healy became public earlier this week.

Fans found it hard to understand how Swift was able to start a new relationship so soon, with some even accusing the singer of foul play.

Some of Swift's fans believe that the singer may have left Alwyn because of Healy, making The 1975's lead singer wait until she was ready to break up with her boyfriend. If this is the case, people are certainly siding with Alwyn, arguing that the singer's ethics are questionable. Swift and Healy were rumored to be in a relationship back in 2014, so the story of them suddenly reconnecting and falling in love shortly after the breakup sounds very dubious to many.

'She was friends with him throughout and before that entire six-year relationship and now suddenly has a crush on him after being reconnected,' one fan wrote, pointing out how controversial the whole situation seems from the outside.

However, most fans are worried about Swift herself, as many hoped that the singer would spend a little more time without a partner. In fact, most of her recent songs and comments indicated that she was ready to invest in her career more than in relationships.

'Lots of talk about his personality but even aside from that, I'm a bit judgmental of her jumping into something so soon after ending a 6.5-year relationship. Can this girl be single for 5 minutes?' another commenter asked.

But to other fans, the news of Swift starting a new romance weeks after the old one ended was not actually that surprising because the star has always approached her relationships that way.

'All her relationships have been rebounds,' a fan concluded.

Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has always been romantically linked to someone, and this fact even makes fans doubt some of her lyrics. However romantic and sincere her songs may seem, the words simply don't sound believable, as the star easily swaps one of her boyfriends for another.

Even though most people seem to disapprove of the singer's new relationship starting so soon after the split from Alwyn, there's still hope something really fruitful can grow out of the new romance. But can Matty Healy indeed be the one? Time will tell.

Source: Reddit.