Superstitious Celebs: 7 A-Listers Who Swear by Zodiac Charts and Lucky Charms

Image credit: Legion-Media

"I may be a star, but my horoscope is the real star of the show."

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has aerophobia, but her acting career makes her fly often. The star has found a way to cope with her fear: she always steps inside of the plane with her right foot. The actress is sure that in this case nothing will happen to her, and the plane will definitely not crash.

In addition, Aniston believes in horoscopes, and begins every morning with it. Several famous astrologers make personal horoscopes for her, and the actress always tries to follow the recommendations that they make.

Megan Fox

Megan is also afraid of flying, but she has found a different way to cope with it. Once during a flight, the actress was listening to Britney Spears songs and realized that they helped her relax and stop thinking about a plane crash that might happen.

Since then, Fox always listens to the singer's albums and claims that they make her feel safe and secure.

Britney Spears

Speaking of Britney, she also pays attention to various superstitions. And the singer also uses the services of astrologers. In 2010, when she was still dating actor Jason Trawick, the singer went to a famous astrologer Russell Grant, who consults many stars.

He then told her that nothing good would come of it with Jason. It should be noted that the couple was even going to have a wedding. In the end, the engagement was broken off, and Spears, on the advice of an astrologer, found a boyfriend outside of show business. Today, she is happy with fitness trainer Sam Asghari, whom she plans to marry.

Paris Hilton

Paris once revealed that she makes a wish at 11:11 every day. According to the star, this is the best time to send her wishes into space. Hilton said that many of her dreams have come true this way.

In addition, like many superstitious people, the girl knocks on wood if she hears something she does not want to happen in her life. Who would have thought Paris would pay so much attention to superstitions.

Heidi Klum

Heidi has kept her baby teeth in a bag since she was a child. But that's not all, the model never leaves home without them. It turns out that in Germany, Klum's homeland, it is considered a tradition and a kind of protection against the evil eye and everything bad. One time, Heidi even showed her baby teeth on one of the shows.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron wears a special pink thong for good luck and success. According to the actress, this tradition has never failed her. More recently, the actress started to carry with her a silver hairpin, which her mother gave her. Diaz considers this gift a talisman too.

James McAvoy

James was raised by his grandparents, who were Scottish. They believed very much in various superstitions and taught this to their grandson as well. McAvoy is sure that if you say "White Rabbit" to everyone on the first day of the new month, you will have good luck the whole month.

Despite all that, the actor considers himself a very religious man. It is known that he went to Catholic school and was even considering becoming a priest.