Sorry, Team Gale, but Peeta Was the Right Fit for Katniss From the Start

Sorry, Team Gale, but Peeta Was the Right Fit for Katniss From the Start
Image credit: Legion-Media

Katniss and Peeta were just meant to be together.

Even though the Jennifer Lawrence-led Hunger Games franchise ended in 2015, people still fondly remember the dystopian teen blockbusters, as the heartfelt acting performances and great CGI made the film series a worthy project to revisit from time to time.

And now, with The Hunger Games finally returning to the big screen in the foreseeable future, fans began discussing the original movies much more frequently, bringing to light some of the franchise's most divisive moments. And there was nothing more divisive than the question of who should've been the endgame for Katniss: Peeta or Gale.

While both of Katniss' potential love interests were great people with big hearts, fans could not agree on just one candidate, with some rallying around the adorable Peeta and others voting for Katniss' friend from back home, Gale. However, nearly a decade after the story ended and Katniss chose Peeta, it became clear that she did the right thing.

For starters, Peeta simply looked better to Katniss as a potential husband and father to her children, as his quiet demeanor and desire to settle down ticked all the right boxes for the tortured heroine. Katniss always wanted to have a peaceful life, and Peeta could provide that, while Gale seemed like a much more unsafe option for her.

Even though Gale had known Katniss for a long time and shared a trauma with her, he just wasn't cut out to be with the protagonist. She was a reluctant revolutionary and hero, while Gale sought fame and glory, which probably made Katniss feel like she couldn't share his adventurous lifestyle.

If Katniss and Gale were to marry, he wouldn't have survived a year of peaceful rural life and probably would have gone on some great adventure just to spend some time away from his wife and children.

With all that in mind, it looks like Katniss made the right choice in marrying Peeta, even if it broke Gale's heart. After all the horrible things she had seen over the years, it was a logical move for Katniss to choose a happy life for herself and settle down with Peeta.