Smallville Really Stretched It Thin: 3 Plotlines That Annoyed Fans to No End

Smallville Really Stretched It Thin: 3 Plotlines That Annoyed Fans to No End
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Despite the show's beloved status, some of the storylines were much worse than the others.

The series, which focused on Clark Kent's early years and his eventual transformation into Superman, is still highly regarded, as Smallville managed to perfectly capture the cozy atmosphere of growing up in a small town, while delighting fans weekly with some well-staged action stories.

However, not every subplot was perfect, and fans are still quite angry at the writers for their past mistakes.

Here are 3 Smallville plotlines ruined by writers:

Clark and Lana failing to become a thing

Clark's infatuation with Lana Lang was a major romantic storyline for the first three seasons of the show, and fans were eager to see the two finally get together.

Episode after episode, viewers waited to see Lana give in to Clark's feelings, but it never seemed to happen. And in the end, their romantic relationship never blossomed because they were simply denied the chance to be together.

Fans are not sure why the writers decided to drop this storyline completely, even though they had built it up extensively over a long period of time. A huge missed opportunity!

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Alicia’s untimely death

Alicia Baker instantly became a fan favorite when she first appeared in season three, as this teenager with the ability to teleport captured people's hearts with her kind spirit and innocence. So, when Clark and Alicia started dating, people were thrilled, expecting something big from the couple in the future.

Unfortunately, the writers had a different idea of how to use her character and abruptly killed her off to resolve a serial killer storyline from Season 4. The sight of Clark finding Alicia's lifeless body broke fans' hearts and made them angry that the writers decided to cut off their happiness so early.

Clark and Lex’s friendship

Another major disappointment was the friendship between Clark and Lex.

The idea of watching nemeses grow up together was perfect, and fans were thrilled to see their friendship turn to hate. However, the writers completely failed to portray that friendship on screen, and despite Clark's constant proclamations that Lex is his best friend, fans suggest that they weren't able to see those feelings on screen. It seems that the chemistry between the two was simply non-existent.