Sarah Jessica Parker Names Most Embarrassing Sex And The City Scene

Sarah Jessica Parker Names Most Embarrassing Sex And The City Scene
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It looks like the actress still can't forget an old story.

Undoubtedly, HBO's Sex and the City remains one of the most iconic shows in television history. Chronicling the lives of four thirty-somethings navigating work and dating in New York, the series broke new ground in terms of female representation. That then paved the way for shows like Girls and Fleabag to become massive hits. SAC turned Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall into household names.

While the two stars haven't been on speaking terms for ages, the plethora of hilarious behind-the-scenes tales continues to entertain fans, even two decades after the original show ended.

SATC was groundbreaking in its frank portrayal of sex and intimacy, as the main characters had numerous romantic partners over its six-season span. Even though the actresses were consummate professionals when filming intimate scenes, some awkward moments inevitably occurred. Parker still feels rather mortified about one such scene.

During a fan interaction, Parker recounted one specific intimate scene from Season 1 that made her quite uneasy on set because of a now-infamous moment. In an episode titled The Drought, Parker's character, Carrie, is intimate with Mr. Big. Their moment is abruptly interrupted when she unexpectedly has a rather embarrassing bodily mishap right in front of him. Yikes.

'It was called the drought and Carrie — she, not I — farted. And spent the rest of the episode trying to pretend it never happened. That's the worst thing they've ever asked me to do,' Parker said.

While Parker felt some embarrassment over this storyline, the episode became legendary partly because of it. Watching Mr. Big tease Carrie throughout the episode built up the chemistry between the characters.

And just to make it crystal clear: Parker did not fart on set. Instead, some kind of sound effect was used. So, some fans are puzzled about why the actress still can't seem to forget it. They believe she should take pride in the scene, given how funny and well-received it was.

In related news, And Just Like That... Season 2, Episode 10, is set to premiere on Max on 17 August 2023.

Source: The Oprah Winfrey Show.