Rihanna Delivers Meme-Worthy Met Gala 2023 Look: See Fans' Reactions

Rihanna Delivers Meme-Worthy Met Gala 2023 Look: See Fans' Reactions
Image credit: globallookpress

The most fashionable wedding cake ever.

The Met Gala 2023 has concluded, and it certainly delivered another wave of meme-worthy outfits worn by prominent media personalities. Whether the late Karl Lagerfeld would have approved of these looks is not as important as the fact that many have gone viral and continue to be discussed on social media platforms.

Of course, the queen of the gala was Rihanna, who arrived fashionably late with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, just after the Vogue broadcast had ended. Her annual late arrivals have become meme-fodder in their own right, as have her vibrant and nonconformist outfits. However, her latest Valentino gown has also sparked considerable discussion among fans.

Everyone began to scrutinize the details, trying to decipher their meaning.

'So he’s Karl and she’s the Camellia?!! I waited this long,' somebody noted on Twitter. A$AP Rocky appeared in a kilt with a belt and detachable collar, an obvious nod to Lagerfeld himself. Meanwhile, Rihanna's all-white Valentino ensemble featured a hood that could be transformed into a shawl, referencing the designer's recurring motif, the camellia.

While many admired the unique style and not-so-subtle tribute, others found the look too hilarious to take seriously. Indeed, the outfit does evoke various dessert associations.

'Vanilla ice cream,' another comment on Twitter said, which seemed to be the first thought for many Rihanna fans. This might be the most expensive ice cream we've ever seen, as the dress reportedly cost an astounding $25 million, according to the artist herself!

For many, Rihanna's ensemble also resembled a wedding cake. Undoubtedly, we would love to see such a cake at every wedding ceremony!

However, other fans pointed out that her look this year perfectly complemented Jared Leto's costume.

'Rihanna went as Jared Leto’s scratching post?' Another Twitter user wondered. Given the way Leto embraced the role of Lagerfeld's cat, we wouldn't be surprised if he had started sharpening his claws on her dress if she had arrived a bit earlier.

Regardless of how meme-worthy her appearance was, there is no doubt that the general audience was stunned by Rihanna's gown, not to mention the accessories such as the fingerless gloves, eyeglasses with lashes, and the luxurious pearl and diamond choker.