Reddit Crowns the Hottest Man in House of the Dragon

Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans chose the best man from season one among all the lords and knights in shining armour.

George R. R. Martin's world of Westeros is full of compelling characters, ranging from noble knights and good kings to conniving schemers and ruthless murderers.

But the author has always excelled at making even the most obnoxious characters likeable, developing them so thoughtfully that fans couldn't help but relate to them. No wonder his books make such great TV shows, allowing his fascinating characters to reach even broader audiences who enjoy arguing about who the best and worst people in Westeros are.

Since the release of the first season of House of the Dragon, fans have been debating on Reddit about who the hottest male character on the show is.

Some threw their weight behind Daemon Targaryen because of his charisma and magnetism, while others backed Corlys Velaryon, who, in their view, looks like a perfect aristocrat. But in the end, it was Ser Harwin Strong who ultimately won the title of the hottest male character on House of the Dragon.

Ser Harwin Strong, the lord commander of the city watch and Rhaenyra's lover, burst onto the scene with an undeniable presence that left rivals in the dust.

His rugged appearance and charismatic personality made him an instant hit, with fans admiring his fighting prowess and commanding magnetism. Harwin's deep voice and masculine energy only added to his allure, making it difficult for anyone to remain indifferent. People either loved or hated him, with the vast majority choosing the former.

In addition to his looks and charisma, Harwin is a near-perfect father who cares for and loves all his children.

He loves Rhaenyra, too: many fans remember a scene in which he forces his way through an angry mob to save her, with many fans saying it was the moment they fell in love with him.

While fans love Harwin, they generally hate the guts of his brother Larys, a schemer and pervert who plotted to burn his father and brother alive. Fans were devastated to learn that Harwin had died and would not be appearing again in subsequent seasons but well, that's the way Martin treats his characters.