Red, White & Royal Blue 3-Hour Cut Rumors Send Fans Into Frenzy

Red, White & Royal Blue 3-Hour Cut Rumors Send Fans Into Frenzy
Image credit: Amazon Studios

Was Matthew López forced to cut a third of his movie?

Amazon Prime's LGBTQ+ romantic comedy about America's First Son and a British prince falling in love took the world by storm when it premiered earlier this month. While most fans enjoyed the free-spirited and cozy movie, some felt a little frustrated that the story of Casey McQuiston's book Red, White & Royal Blue was made into a feature film and not a show.

Of course, saying goodbye to the lovable characters after just two hours of watching them on screen was heartbreaking, and it looks like the movie might have been longer if some of the scenes weren't left on the cutting room floor.

Even since the film arrived on Amazon Prime, there have been rumors that director Matthew López was forced to heavily cut the movie to make it more digestible for the audience. The running time is now only 1 hour and 58 minutes, but the rumors suggest that the director's original cut was close to three hours.

Naturally, the idea of watching an extra hour of Red, White & Royal Blue proved to be quite enticing to many, so fans began asking Amazon Prime to release the director's cut.

The hype for the long original version is still going strong now, but unfortunately, it looks like the rumors turned out to be false. Lopez himself stated in an interview that he never made a three-hour cut of the movie.

'I hate to break everyone's heart, but the first cut of the film that I turned into the studio was about 2 hours and 7 minutes long. I'm very happy that everybody got very excited to hear that, but we all got a little ahead of ourselves there. There was never a three-hour cut of the film,' Lopez revealed.

While the director buried the idea of a three-hour cut for good, he did reveal that at least some scenes were cut from the final version, including the campfire and cornetto scenes seen in the trailer.

Perhaps Amazon Prime can show us those deleted scenes, please? Fans of Red, White & Royal Blue would be extremely thankful for that.

Source: Teen Vogue.