Plot Twist Alert: Jennifer Esposito to Serve Up Drama in Blue Bloods Finale

Plot Twist Alert: Jennifer Esposito to Serve Up Drama in Blue Bloods Finale
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The fan-favorite actress returns to the show after a decade away.

CBS's Blue Bloods became an unlikely success story back in 2010, when the show instantly captured viewers' interest despite many critics declaring it dead on arrival.

Thirteen years later, the procedural drama starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg is doing better than ever, delighting fans with interesting weekly cases and well-developed family dynamics.

However, some fans began to notice that the show was losing its edge in recent years, and it looks like Blue Blood's producers have decided to fix that by inviting a beloved actress back to the series for a surprise guest role.

Yes, Jennifer Esposito will return to her role as Detective Jackie Curatola for the Season 13 finale, and fans are more than happy to see Danny Reagan's former partner of the first three seasons back in the mix.

Jackie, who became chief of police after leaving the team nearly a decade ago, will once again work with Danny. According to TVLine, the duo will try to crack a complicated serial killer case, as the criminal's modus operandi is suspiciously similar to that of the notorious killer Jackie and Danny caught back in the day.

People are really excited to see Esposito after all these years away from Blue Bloods and wonder if the actress might even join the main cast for the upcoming Season 14.

While that would have been fantastic, it looks like Esposito is simply too busy to make that idea a reality. However, seeing a familiar face return for even one episode is certainly an event to look forward to!

Fans are also curious about how Danny's current partner Maria Baez will react to seeing his former colleague back at work with him, and people are expecting Jackie's arrival to cause quite a bit of drama in the final episode of the season. Perhaps after seeing someone from his past, Danny will finally start to think about his future, and the dream scenario of him and Maria becoming a couple will finally come true!

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 18 will arrive on CBS on April 21, 2023.

Source: TVLine.