Our Flag Means Death Season 3 Will Be the Show's Last

Our Flag Means Death Season 3 Will Be the Show's Last
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It looks like the beloved show's days are numbered.

When Max's Our Flag Means Death premiered back in 2022, no one expected the offbeat story of a ragtag crew of LGBTQ+ pirates to become a global hit, but despite low expectations, the show managed to capture the attention of fans from the very first episode. And now that the show's second outing has finally arrived on streaming, it has become quite clear that OFMD is one of the best comedy shows on the air right now.

The first three released episodes of Season 2 have proven that the show's creative team has not only been able to repeat the success of the original, but also capitalize on it. The quality of the writing, acting, and production design is even better than before, assuring fans that Taika Waititi and his crew of wacky pirates will keep us all entertained for years to come. Or will they?

An Unexpected Revelation

After the second season premiered, many new viewers joined the show's fandom, and some of them are celebrities. Comedian and writer Kristin Chirico decided to ask series creator David Jenkins if he could cast her as one of the pirates in the possible third season of OFMD, to which Jenkins responded in quite a surprising way.

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First of all, the creator revealed that he is not sure if Max will renew the show for the next season, and stated that if Chirico will help him achieve that goal, then she will be cast in the show. But that's not what made fans cry.

The thing is, Jenkins casually revealed that the third season of the show is planned as the last.

It was obvious

While fans were saddened by such an update, it's not like this news wasn't expected by some, as considering how busy the show's co-creator and star Taika Waititi is, it was impossible to imagine that he would find the time to spend a few months each year filming OFMD.

Also, it's quite encouraging to hear that the creator of the show already has a plan in mind and isn't going to milk the show for decades to come, don't you think?

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 episodes 4 and 5 are set to premiere on Max on October 12, 2023.

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Do you think Jenkins will change his mind if Max gives him more money to produce Season 4?