Netflix's The Sandman: What's Desire's Haircut Called?

Netflix's The Sandman: What's Desire's Haircut Called?
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How would you go about describing this haircut to your stylist?

More than a year after Netflix's Sandman made its debut on the streaming service, fans continue to passionately discuss the first season of Neil Gaiman's show. They can't help marveling at the cryptic and mysterious universe that the author has created. It shouldn't come as a surprise that there are still many secrets hidden from fans' view in the show's first season, as Gaiman is renowned for including numerous small details in his work that only the most observant individuals can notice, let alone make sense of.

However, the Netflix producers demonstrated that even a complex work like Sandman can be successfully adapted into a show, provided you have genuinely gifted writers, directors, and production teams. The hair and makeup departments managed to surprise fans the most, as all the characters closely resemble their counterparts in the original comic books.

Desire's Hairdo

Certain characters in the show have captivated fans to such an extent that some of the most ardent followers aspire to emulate the looks of Dream, Death, or Desire. However, fans of the latter found themselves in a peculiar pickle: what is the name of the hairstyle actor Mason Alexander Park sports?

While some viewers initially thought that Sandman's hairdressers simply used a popular design for the character, it looks like they actually invented it, drawing inspiration from men's fashion of the 1960s. Styling such a haircut definitely would have required a great deal of time, so only the most patient individuals may attempt to recreate Desire's iconic look in reality.

'Desire’s haircut requires a lot of styling. The closest thing I can think of is that their haircut would be similar to a gentleman’s cut or a 60s cut very similar to a pompadour, but most haircuts don’t actually have names except for the ones popularized by TikTok or hairstyles of the decades,' a fan said.

Indeed, it would appear that Sandman's hairstylists have truly outdone themselves, creating a unique hairstyle that the world of fashion has never seen before!

Source: Reddit.