Netflix's Perfect Match Under Fire for Laughably Cheap Production

Netflix's Perfect Match Under Fire for Laughably Cheap Production
Image credit: Netflix

Fans are at a loss as to why the multi-billion dollar streaming giant has gone full austerity on the show's production.

Netflix's Perfect Match seemed like a perfect reality show from the start: the premise was to get a bunch of contestants from the streaming platform's other reality shows and have them compete in various challenges together so that they would end up hooking up with each other in the process. It looked like a winning recipe for a hit show. And Perfect match has indeed become a hit show, attracting millions of viewers from the first to the last episode.

Fans do have some complaints about the show, though, and one such complaint has been cropping up time and time again: the show looks ridiculously cheap.

In numerous online discussions, fans have expressed utter confusion at how cheap all the props looked for such a popular show, pointing out that apart from the huge villa the contestants stayed in, everything else about the show screamed "pound shop". And it's not something you would expect from a dating show where viewers are accustomed to seeing contestants surprise their love interests with extravagant gestures rather than picnics on threadbare blankets with cheap champagne and sodas.

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The show's first season didn't feature any memorable dates, which was hardly the contestants' fault, seeing how Netflix footed all the bills during filming.

It also came as no surprise the contestants didn't really have their heart in it, seeing how ridiculously cheap the final prize was: the winners, Dom and Georgia, didn't even get any money, the only prize they got was a week's holiday. Fans are utterly baffled by how little money the streaming giant spent on the show.

Even though Perfect Match was advertised as a competition rather than a dating show, people still can't believe how stingy Netflix has been with the prizes.

The consensus among fans online is that Perfect Match was a rather pointless show, seeing how the dates were cheap, the contestants were reluctant to get into it, and the concept of a cross between a competition and a dating show just fell apart. At the same time, most people believe these shortcomings could have been easily prevented if Netflix had just spent more money on the show to make it worth it for both the contestants and the viewers. As it is, Perfect Match ended up being a huge disappointment for many fans.