Mature and Fabulous: 7 Celebrities Who Look Incredibly Young for Their Age

Image credit: Legion-Media

These celebrities must have discovered the fountain of youth, because 50 has never looked so fabulous.

Halle Berry: 56

Halley turned 56 in August, but looking at her, it’s hard to believe. She looks super young and athletic. Halle says she can’t think of any specific secret to her good looks: she takes care of her skin and hair, and visits beauticians after each big filming project.

Seeing how she has type 1 diabetes, she has to watch what she eats and tries to eat five to six times a day in small portions to keep her glucose at a constant level. She also exercises three times a week, sometimes more than that. She enjoys cardio workouts as they are good for stamina and also does moderate resistance training.

She says she’s not afraid of ageing and insists she would never resort to plastic surgery to look younger.

Salma Hayek: 56

At 56 Salma looks so beautiful she could give much younger women a run for their money. She still shares swimsuit photos on social media. The general belief is that Salma is on a strict diet and exercising incessantly. However, Salma says she doesn’t believe in diets and is not a big fan of working out.

Furthermore, she’s very open about her imperfections, admitting freely that she has cellulite. Salma is opposed to plastic surgery as a way to break the spell of ageing. According to her, the only secret to looking good she can share is that you should take good care of yourself.

Jennifer Lopez: 53

Unlike Halle and Salma, J. Lo works out hard to look good. She never relaxes, not even on weekends or holidays. She worked hard to create the body that is coveted by both men and women, albeit in somewhat different ways, usually.

J. Lo’s fans never cease to point out that she still looks just as good as she did when she was young, a fact she recently confirmed at the Versace show by wearing the same revealing dress she’s been appearing in at public events for the past 20 years.

Jennifer Aniston: 53

It’s hard to believe that the Friends star will soon be turning 54. Some think she must have found some magic potion that keeps her forever young. But the truth is more trivial.

Jennifer says she only wears minimal makeup, and tries not to worry over trifles.

Naturally, she eats healthy food and works out every day except Sunday. She also takes good care of her skin and makes sure she gets enough sleep regardless of how busy she might be. Her advice is to stay hydrated, always use sun tan lotion and always get plenty of quality sleep.

Cindy Crawford: 56

Cindy was big as a model in the 1990s. And while she retired a long time ago, she still looks plenty good at 56 to go on the catwalk or do a candid photo shoot.

She says she started watching her diet and exercising when she was 28 – it then dawned on her she wasn’t going to be young forever. She talks about how age changes everything about you: your skin, your hair, your body.

She’s constantly working out and taking good care of herself but at age 56 staying in shape presents a far bigger challenge than when you’re young. Cindy also believes that all her friends in their 50s are beautiful and that sometimes they can be too hard on themselves.

Yolanda Hadid: 58

Yolanda also made money modelling in the 1990s and today she can give her daughters Gigi and Bella, who’ve also gone into modelling, a run for their money. She still looks gorgeous despite being almost 60. And she has no issues sharing photos of herself with zero makeup on.

She believes the main secret to her youthful look is her diet. She completely changed what she eats after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Yolanda says that at the end of the day you are what you eat and food can make you feel much better or completely ruin your health.

You eat the wrong food and your joints will start hurting. Her diet now consists mostly of vegetables and fresh juices and she feels much better now as she gets plenty of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.

Vera Wang: 73

People that meet Vera for the first time can’t believe she’s the wrong side of seventy. Vera’s constantly sharing photos of herself in short dresses, shorts and revealing tops on her blog. People can’t help wondering if it’s just good genes or there is some other secret.

Vera insists there is no special secret, it’s all just work, sleep, vodka cocktails and minimal sun exposure. Her skincare routine is also very simple: rub some Johnson & Johnson baby oil on the body and moisturise the face with the Clinique cream. Most can only dream of looking that hot in their 70s.