Mark Consuelos' Daughter Wasn't Too Keen About His Riverdale Fame

Mark Consuelos' Daughter Wasn't Too Keen About His Riverdale Fame
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It looks like the actor's fame really bothered his daughter.

While The CW's Riverdale is definitely one of the most popular teen shows on television right now, its army of haters is just as big as its army of fans, as many find the show to be a total cringe fest, riddled with ridiculous plot holes, bad acting, and questionable story arcs. In fact, even the Riverdale cast is known to dislike the series quite a bit, counting down the days until their contracts expire and they are finally free to leave the project.

And it turns out that not only the actors themselves are ashamed of their association with Riverdale.

Recently, Mark Consuelos, who played the villainous Hiram Lodge in the first four seasons of Riverdale, revealed that his own daughter was a bit embarrassed that he participated in the project and wouldn't even admit to her friends that her dad was the star of the hit TV show.

'She did not like the attention. We live near an all-girls school that would get out at a certain time, and if I was home from shooting, it was like, oh my God. The fans of that show, I think are the closest to the fans of when I was on All My Children, like that invested in the show. That kind of love and devotion to those characters. Good and bad,' Consuelos said.

But even though the actor's daughter was bothered by the amount of attention her dad received even during routine walks in the neighborhood, it looks like Consuelos is remembering her reaction fondly, telling his fans about it as a joke, not a lament.

In any case, Consuelos's daughter was probably proud of him even if she was reluctant to share these feelings. After all, hating Riverdale is the most sensible thing a teenager can do!

Besides, as many fans have noted, Riverdale has gotten significantly worse since Consuelos' exit.

The show's first four seasons are considered to be a pretty solid teen mystery drama, while the later installments are generally viewed as flops. So it looks like the actor got off Riverdale just in time, or his daughter would've been even more ashamed of him.

Source: E! Online.