Love is Blind's Marshall & Chelsea Would Make The Best Season 4 Couple

Love is Blind's Marshall & Chelsea Would Make The Best Season 4 Couple
Image credit: Netflix

Fans feel that two of the sweetest contestants have failed to pick the right couple for themselves.

Netflix's social experiment reality series is currently in its fourth season, and fans still can't get enough of the show's unique premise – contestants are forced to live in isolation in special pods and try to find their perfect match without actually seeing each other in person.

With that part of the competition over, and all of the couples formed already engaged, fans are beginning to think that at least two of the contestants have missed their chance at true happiness.

The contestants in question are Marshall Glaze and Chelsea Griffin, who were seen as the perfect couple from the beginning. However, to everyone's surprise, both failed to develop any kind of romantic interest and chose other partners before their trip to Mexico – Marshall got engaged to Jackie and Chelsea to Kwame.

Nevertheless, fans are still shipping them. Here's why.

People argue that both Marshall and Chelsea are on the same emotional level, that both are rather calm and cautious. They are also both ready for total commitment, not even worrying about spending the rest of their lives with one person. Needless to say, Jackie and Kwame are not like that at all, and even if everything is okay between them at this point, fans are pretty sure that they will break up right after the series ends.

Fans are really hoping that Chelsea and Marshall, who are already great friends, will start dating after the series and their relationship will blossom into something more without the pressure of being on a reality show.

They both deserve it, and many believe they could have been one of the best couples in Love is Blind history.

However, it should be noted that not all fans support this idea, pointing out that while Chelsea and Marshall are obviously great friends, that doesn't mean they should become a couple. They decided not to choose each other at the beginning of the show for a reason, fans argue.