Love After Lockup: Is Nathan and Skylar's Relationship Headed for a Disaster?

Image credit: Legion-Media

The unusual reality show has been a major hit for quite some time, but fans fear one couple's relationship may have run its course.

In 2018, We TV premiered Love After Lockup, a romantic reality show in which one of the partners is behind bars. With a premise like that, audiences naturally expected major drama from the show, and Life After Lockup didn't disappoint. Dating a criminal comes with a host of unique challenges: domestic violence, lying, and poor impulse control, to name a few.

But the trials and tribulations of the show's protagonists have always translated into good entertainment for the viewers.

In season four, Nathan and Skylar were the most controversial couple. Skylar was doing time for possession. While she was locked up, her relationship with Nathan seemed solid, but as soon as she got out and the two moved in together, things started going wrong one after another.

Skylar quickly realised Nathan was a control freak: he was constantly second-guessing her decisions and was jealous of every male friend she had in herlife.

The two were constantly arguing, and given Nathan's short temper, viewers feared their arguments might one day come to blows.

Skylar and Nathan feared their drug problems might come back but chose not to talk about it at all, venting their insecurities on relatives and viewers instead. Nathan wants the best for Skylar, but her complicated past can sometimes be too much to deal with, and Nathan quickly buckles under pressure, flying off the handle with increasing frequency.

With the fourth season ending in January, over on Reddit, fans were getting increasingly concerned about Nathan and Skylar's life after the show. Many believed something really bad could happen to them, given Skylar's addiction issues and Nathan's short fuse and propensity for violence.

Fans can only hope the two can sort out their issues, and their Instagram profiles still paint an idyllic picture: they say they are still together, trying their best to build a happy life despite all the issues they're struggling with.