Kristen Stewart Wasn't That Bad as Bella, and Even Twilight Fandom Agrees Now

Kristen Stewart Wasn't That Bad as Bella, and Even Twilight Fandom Agrees Now
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It's time to admit that Stewart was actually quite good.

The Twilight Saga remains one of the most renowned movie franchises. The tale of an ordinary teenage girl, Bella, falling for the centuries-old vampire, Edward, continues to captivate viewers and spark debates among millions globally. Though the saga has come in for its fair share of criticism, recent years have seen a surge in appreciation. Many have even come to reappraise the acting chops of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

While Pattinson's involvement in Twilight has been largely forgiven, Stewart continues to face backlash from those displeased with her depiction of Bella. Many people really hated her take on Bella, claiming that her subdued reactions and somber demeanor made the character look like a mannequin.


However, every die-hard Twilight fan understands that Stewart actually did a fine job portraying Bella, seeing how Stephanie Mayer depicted the character in the book as somewhat of a melancholic who rarely puts her emotions on display. Most of the book is presented from Bella's perspective, with her inner monologue doing the bulk of the reacting.

Stewart's performance wasn't as flawed as some initially believed. The actress was simply adhering to Meyer's original portrayal, which painted Bella as a rather mundane character. And while this sort of person may seem fine in print, they could appear lackluster and dull on screen, especially because including voice-over narration in movies can only go so far.

Better than All the Rest

But now, after seeing performances by today's actors, fans have come to realize that Stewart's portrayal of Bella was actually not bad at all. She tried to elevate Bella beyond a stereotypical teenager and, in hindsight, pulled it off admirably.

By 2023, the consensus among Twilight aficionados is clear: Stewart was awesome as Bella. Even if initial receptions were mixed, fans now appreciate the effort and depth she brought to the role.

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