Kenobi Series Wasn't That Bad After All, But There Were Some Misses

Kenobi Series Wasn't That Bad After All, But There Were Some Misses
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Disney+'s biggest failure of 2022 can still be redeemed, according to some fans.

The idea of bringing Ewan McGregor back into the Star Wars universe as Obi-Wan Kenobi made fans go crazy a couple of years ago. So, when Disney+ announced plans to make a mini-series with the legendary Jedi as the main character, fans were beyond excited, expecting the best thing to ever happen to George Lucas' space opera since the original trilogy.

And so, the series premiered... And it didn't turn out to be that good, as both fans and critics absolutely slaughtered the series, saying it was a huge insult to the Star Wars fandom.

Six months later, when the dust had settled, some fans began to think that the Obi-Wan Kenobi series wasn't as bad as everyone believed it to be.

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Discussing the idea on Reddit, people agreed that the series has a myriad of problems, but they don't make it a bad project per se. First of all, fans were upset with the poor writing since many of the characters behaved in a completely unrealistic way.

Here are a few examples – Darth Vader failed to stop a flying spaceship despite destroying the similar vessel moments earlier; the Grand Inquisitor tells Reva that she should have finished him off after she stabbed him and then stabs the girl himself and also doesn't kill her. These moments are distracting from the overall story, ruining it.

And what's worse, all of that really spoils the impression of the great scenes.

The duel between Darth Vader and Kenobi and the great rooftop chase sequence are ruined by some unnecessary and silly writing decisions. But all the great stuff is definitely there, hiding in plain sight, just waiting for people to pay more attention to them and discard the unfortunate mistakes of the writers and actors.

Overall, the majority of fans feel that there were many great moments in the Kenobi series, but no great episodes. Some phenomenal scenes are surrounded by boring and just plain pointless ones, which unfortunately makes the whole series rather unnecessary to watch.