Is Limited Series Reunion on the Cards for Jane the Virgin?

Is Limited Series Reunion on the Cards for Jane the Virgin?
Image credit: The CW

Fans are cautiously excited about the possibility of a beloved comedy series returning.

The story of a young Venezuelan-American woman, Jane Gloriana, who finds her religious beliefs tested when a doctor mistakenly inseminates her, was a big hit for The CW. The show's leading actress, Gina Rodriguez, has become a huge star thanks to it, and Jane the Virgin stayed on the air for five years, earning rave reviews and admiration from fans.

However, the series was then canceled by the network and seemingly forgotten — but now, some rumors suggest that Jane the Virgin may have a pretty exciting update in store.

According to actor Jaime Camil, who played Jane's father Rogelio, it looks like the show's creator is planning to surprise fans with a short reunion season, with a big time jump after the end of the last season to spice things up.

'I think the creator, Jennie Urman, wants to do something where the characters are featured 10 years later. She has this idea of doing a limited series of 10 episodes where the show will feature the characters and where they've all landed after the show ended. Of course, Rogelio is a huge star in Hollywood, obviously,' Camil said.

This sounds like a really exciting preposition for the fans of the series, as the fandom only got stronger after Jane the Virgin ended, with people constantly re-watching its seasons and hoping for a new one. And while nothing is confirmed yet, it looks like Season 6 is at least an option now.

However, even if all of the cast were to agree to make a comeback, it's unlikely that the series would return to The CW because the network is now under new management that is cutting even popular shows to save money. It seems more probable that the series will be revived on HBO Max, as the streaming network is known for rescuing various popular projects. In that case, Jane the Virgin could become a more mature show, which would certainly look great.

Of course, fans are very keen to catch up with their beloved characters and see how Gloriana's family dynamics changed after 10 years. But that excitement is still cautious now, as no official announcement from the show's creators has been made.

Source: OK! Magazine.