How Many Episodes Are in Night Court Revival Season 1?

How Many Episodes Are in Night Court Revival Season 1?
Image credit: NBC

There is no word yet on when the revived comedy series will conclude its first season.

NBC's decision to bring back their hit 1980s comedy show, Night Court, with a new cast and Melissa Rauch in the lead, was initially met with scepticism from the fandom. The original Night Court remains one of the most revered sitcom comedies of all time.

Although the early episodes of the revival seemed to confirm the fear that the show would be a total disappointment, recent episodes have disproved that notion, providing fans with good old-fashioned hilarity.

The show is now in full swing, and fans are eager to know when the first season will be ending.

Episode 14 premiered earlier this week, and it appears to be one of the last episodes this season, as the IMDb schedule indicates there are only two more episodes left to go. Furthermore, these two episodes share the same storyline: both are titled The Honorable Dan Fielding. It's only natural that NBC would conclude the first season on such a note, as the best way to end a season has always been with a cliffhanger.

Although the show's ratings are not the best in the league, and some fans remain critical of its very existence, NBC has decided to give it another chance by renewing it for a second season before the current one ends. And it’s probably a wise move, seeing how, historically, many shows, especially sitcoms, have only come into their own in the second or even third season.

Viewers already have some advice for how the writing team could make the second season even better than the original beloved show.

First and foremost, the writers should concentrate more on crafting hilarious trials instead of focusing too much on character development. While people appreciate the new cast, it would be a massive disappointment if the show, which previously centred on poking fun at the US justice system, devolved into a mundane workplace comedy.

Night Court Season 1 Episode 15 The Honorable Dan Fielding will arrive on NBC on 2 May 2023.