How Many Actual Sex Scenes Are There in Sex and the City?

How Many Actual Sex Scenes Are There in Sex and the City?
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The show certainly lives up to its title.

Although the first episode of HBO's Sex and The City aired 23 years ago, the show about four thirty-somethings looking for love and affection in New York is still firmly embedded in the cultural zeitgeist, as many of its storylines feel as relevant today as they did in the dim and distant 1990s.

However, for a show with sex in its title, fans have long wondered how many actual sex scenes the show featured over its six seasons, and now we finally may have a definitive answer.

Sex and the City never shied away from showing nudity or including graphic content, as it was simply an essential part of what made it popular and compelling to millions of women around the world. So, it should come as no surprise that the series featured quite a fair share of sex. To be exact, it has a total of 96 sex scenes across the six seasons. This number does not include the sex scenes featured in the sequel films.

But who was the biggest sex maniac among the main characters? This question probably feels a little redundant to anyone who has ever watched a single episode of the show, as Kim Cattrall's Samantha Jones was definitely the most sex-obsessed of all the main characters, and her 40 sex scenes in just six seasons put her firmly in the lead.

Cynthia Nixon's Miranda Hobbes comes in second with only 21 sex scenes, though she managed to beat all her friends in the number of nude scenes in seasons two and five and tied with Samantha for first place in the first season.

Kristin Davis' Charlotte York, supposed to be the most puritanical of her friends, comes in third with 18 sex scenes, surprisingly beating Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw. Charlotte never comes across as sex-obsessed on the show, but, as the saying goes, still waters run deep.

And that leaves us with the show's protagonist in last place with a poultry 13 sex scenes in all six seasons. That probably doesn't come as a surprise for the show's die-hard fans as they will most likely know that Sarah Jessica Parker was uncomfortable about filming graphic scenes and never actually appeared fully naked in the show. Well, what can we say? While Kim Cattrall was getting all the sex, Sarah Jessica Parker was getting all the money: to each their own.

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