Here's How Much Money Derek Hough Makes On Dancing With The Stars

Here's How Much Money Derek Hough Makes On Dancing With The Stars
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The former professional dancer now earns a lot more money as a judge.

ABC's Dancing with the Stars has long since found its place in the pantheon of the network's most popular shows, and the upcoming Season 32 is sure to cement its iconic status once again.

More importantly, fan-favorite Derek Hough will return to the show as a judge, bringing his unparalleled experience to the ballroom floor.

But how much money is Hough making for being a judge on the hit show?

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Hough first came to prominence as a professional dancer on the show, dancing with celebrities for nearly a decade and winning the competition an astounding 6 times. After his time on the series ended in 2016, Hough left to star in some films and theater productions, but Dancing with the Stars was still clearly his home turf.

Hough returned to the show in 2021, replacing Len Goodman as a judge. And the show only benefited from this unexpected swap, as Hough brought a much-needed youthful spirit to the judges' table.

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While Hough was making around $100,000 a season as a professional dancer, when he became a judge, his salary skyrocketed.

According to some sources, Hough makes around $1.2 million per season, which is definitely a huge raise for the dancer. Various sources report that Hough's net worth sits at an impressive $8 million mark, which certainly makes him one of the wealthiest dancers out there.

And fans are really happy that ABC recognizes Hough's talent and expertise, because keeping him on the show is really important for the show's growth.

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Hough's background as a professional dancer on the show certainly helps him judge the contestants better, sometimes even paying more attention to the dancers than the celebrities, which certainly makes a lot of fans happy.

With Season 31 once again showing respectable ratings, it looks like Dancing with the Stars will be around for quite some time, and hopefully continue to feature the beloved Derek Hough.