Here's How Jodi Benson's Little Mermaid Surprising Cameo Came to Be

Here's How Jodi Benson's Little Mermaid Surprising Cameo Came to Be
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The star of the original cartoon is surprisingly part of the remake.

Disney's decision to make a live-action remake of the beloved 1989 film The Little Mermaid was met with outrage by fans who felt the new version would destroy the legacy created by the original. However, when the movie was released last month, most viewers and critics professed their love for Halle Bailey's Mermaid and praised the movie for not taking itself too seriously.

Moreover, it seems that even the voice actors of the original cartoon supported the production of the newer version.

During the scene where Ariel is lost in the marketplace, one of the vendors offers her a plate of food and gives her a fork, which Ariel uses to comb her hair. While the scene itself is not that funny, as fans argued that the original handled Ariel's problems with understanding the purpose of forks much better, viewers were stunned when they realized that this vendor was played by none other than Jodi Benson, the voice of the original Ariel!

Benson has been the voice of Ariel for such a long time that not inviting her for a cameo in the live-action remake would have been a serious mistake on Disney's part. Fortunately, the movie's director Rob Marshall, a friend of Benson's for more than 40 years, realized this and asked the star to join the production.

'It was just a huge thrill for me when Robbie reached out. I'm like, "Of course I'm gonna come! I don't care what I'm doing. I just can't wait to get around the set and watch all of you work." It was just pure joy for me,' Benson said.

While Benson's part lasted less than 30 seconds, the actress actually spent more than a month in the UK for the shoot, as production was severely delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It looks like the actress didn't want to leave and supported Halle Bailey in her journey to become the new Ariel. Fans are happy that the star of the original cartoon did not mind sharing her role with the up-and-coming actress and also became part of the new Little Mermaid.

Source: EW.