Has Warner Bros. Given Up on Aquaman 2, or Are the Strikes to Blame?

Has Warner Bros. Given Up on Aquaman 2, or Are the Strikes to Blame?
Image credit: Warner Bros., globallookpress

Potential Big Flop.

Even though 2023 has been the DCEU's most challenging year so far, with both The Flash and Blue Beetle underperforming at the box office, fans remain hopeful. The addition of James Gunn as the DCEU's new creative overseer suggests a potential return to form for the beloved superhero franchise. However, before any resurgence can occur, the producers have Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom lined up for release—a colossal film with a budget exceeding $200 million, set to open in theatres this December. But what are the chances of its success?

Rumour has it that Warner Bros. might be scaling back their marketing efforts for Aquaman 2, and it's not related to any industry strikes.

Where's The Trailer?

While fans are aware of the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, they are baffled by Warner Bros.'s reluctance to release a trailer for a film with such a huge budget, especially given that it is supposed to hit theatres in just three months. Some speculate that Warner Bros. might be waiting for the strikes to end. However, since a trailer isn't an interview with SAG members, there shouldn't be issues with releasing one.

Many fans and insiders believe Warner Bros. may have lost faith in Aquaman, choosing not to allocate substantial funds for its promotion in anticipation of a lacklustre box office performance. Some suspect Blue Beetle's disappointing box office might have influenced this decision.

'I think too that the complete failure of Blue Beetle has really nailed the coffin shut. I got the impression that Gunn really liked that movie and expected it to do better than The Flash, but it sank without a trace just like all the others. I don't know what's going to turn the ship around but it's not going to be Aquaman 2,' a fan said.

Indeed, it would appear that Warner Bros. might keep Aquaman 2's promotional efforts to a minimum, as slashing marketing costs can actually help it at least break even or even turn a profit.

Source: Reddit.