Goblet of Fire Iconic Scene Was the One Emma Watson Hated the Most

Goblet of Fire Iconic Scene Was the One Emma Watson Hated the Most
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Hermione's important scene was a total pain to get just right.

The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most important brands of the 21st century, and every person involved in its production can be considered a true professional of the film industry. But of course, the main trio of actors have always been the most important people in the movie series, and it looks like it wasn't a walk in the park for any of them.

Recently, Emma Watson revealed how stressful it was to shoot one of Hermione's most memorable scenes.

While Goblet of Fire featured a number of breathtaking scenes, the Yule Ball is definitely the most iconic of all, as the fairytale atmosphere and beautiful gowns made it a true spectacle to witness. Fans were ecstatic to finally see this scene from J. K. Rowling's book come to life and praised Hermione's first appearance at the ball as one of the most hair-raising moments in the entire saga. But how did Emma Watson really feel in that scene?

According to the star, she felt miserable while shooting the scene because all eyes were on her and she was really struggling to get it right, knowing how important the Yule Ball scene was in the book. Emma was actually so stressed that she even fell down the stairs during one of the takes, almost ruining her beautiful pink dress.

But all the stress and pressure paid off, as the end result was simply wonderful, with viewers admiring the actress for taking the risk and beautifully recreating the novel's best moment in live action.

As a side note, some fans also pointed out that the Yule Ball scene was actually not that faithful to Rowling's writing. In the book, Hermione wore a periwinkle gown, but the movie's producers decided to dress her in a luxurious pink gown with an ombre effect that perfectly complemented Emma Watson's natural beauty.

It seems that everyone on the creative team took a few risks in making Hermione's Yule Ball introduction scene, but the end result proved that each of those talented people was betting on the right decision.