Fashion Fails: The 7 Most Ridiculous Outfits from the Oscars Red Carpet

Image credit: Legion-Media

There have been many controversial star outfits in the 94-year history of the award.

Take, for example, Bjork's swan dress in 2001, or Demi Moore's weird bike shorts in 1989... You'd think we'd learn from other people's mistakes. But even in recent years, we still see weird stuff on the red carpet.

Emma Stone

Maybe the star of La La Land should have taken a cue from her character. Stone looks great in colorful dresses and classic Hollywood glitter. But for the 2019 Oscars, she chose a very different outfit, and it was immediately turned into memes. Whether it was honeycomb, snakeskin or bacon, users were actively debating what the actress' dress looked like. Though it had some 30,000 Swarovski crystals and 200,000 gold beads, this outfit clearly didn’t look good on her.

Linda Cardellini

Sometimes the outfits can be too much. A prime example is the dress of actress Linda Cardellini at the 2019 Oscars. Layers of tulle netting can look spectacular, but only if you use them wisely. If the entire dress is made of it, the outfit becomes too puffy and the figure loses the necessary accents. And the short skirt also does not help, since it opens up black pumps that are too strict for this dress.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope’s outfit for the 2020 Academy Awards was weird. It seems that the Spanish actress wanted to look like a girl at a prom from the early 2010s. A large lace fabric rose looks pretentious, a thread of pearls is below the waist and violates the proportions, and the puffed skirt cut in front makes Penelope look shorter. The classic black color of the outfit and the neutral makeup does not help the overall impression as well.

Laura Dern

The mistake of Laura Dern's stylist, who was preparing her for the Oscars in 2020, was in the color of the dress. Such a pale pink satin instantly turns the blonde actress into a cheap copy of a Barbie doll. In addition, the black lace with tassels look like decorative elements of the interior. And the style of a dress seems a little too simple for an actress who has a gorgeous figure, despite being 54.

Gal Gadot

Don’t use so much lace! A black transparent tank top suits Gal Gadot, but paired with a skirt of bubblegum color, it loses all its charm. The diamond necklace seems redundant, and the tight belt is reminiscent of those outdated black elastic skirts.

Halle Berry

Another pink dress that should have been hidden in the wardrobe for better times. The color of a dress looks great on Halle and it blends perfectly with her skin and hair, but the hem is just atrocious. Perhaps the intention was to make the star "blossom," but this "bud" of ruffles looks like it’s going to fall off. It also adds unnecessary inches to the waist.

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan was let down by the same thing as Halle. A basque can look good when it's small and simple. But here this black and white piece makes her look like a jellyfish. It is better to avoid these comparisons altogether than to choose such an outfit. When the actress turns slightly to the side, the flounces are no longer symmetrical and look unkempt.